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Pear Tree School Community Engagement

At Pear Tree we embrace the view that ‘It takes the whole community to educate the child’. We see ourselves as part of two very important communities, that of Stapeley, a community which has grown and changed dramatically over the past twenty years, and the wider community of Nantwich.

We are a very community minded school with an emphasis on the impact we have both as individuals, and as a school. We have strong links with many community organisations, clubs and our Parish and neighbouring Town Councils. We are engaged in a wide range of community activities, one such activity was during local democracy week; we held a vote at the school to exercise the democratic process which allowed the children to choose the colour of the lights on the Christmas Tree. The children enjoyed learning about democracy, exercising their right to choose and, seeing first-hand how their decision was implemented for the enjoyment of the wider community.

In addition to our community focused learning, we provide extra-curricular initiatives that have a positive effect on our community, such as the “Bikability Training” which teaches our children to be more road and safety aware when on their bicycles. This has a positive effect on the safety of our community as a whole. Our strong ties to our local Police Community Support Officier "PC Nick" continues the theme of many adults educating our children.

Our children regularly compete in myriad sports activities which involve many local schools and clubs, and which have proven to build bonds and friendships which further strengthens our community appreciation.


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