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Here you will find our policies and procedures relating to admissions and criteria. As an academy, the Governors' Board is responsible for admissions to our school but applications are processed through Cheshire East Council. If you wish to apply for a place in our Reception Class, please contact Cheshire East council for an admissions form or you can complete one online. These are available from 1st September. 

Primary Reception Class Admissions for September 2023

The date to apply for a school place for September 2023 by is 15th January 2023.  

Families living outsAdmissions Policy Pear Tree 2022 - 2023ide Cheshire East must contact their own Local Authority in the first instance.

Please see the link below to a timetable of the admissions process for this year.  This includes all the dates that are important to your application, including information on the appeals process.

School applications timetable (

Prospective Parent Tours

Tours of our school will take place in October and November. Please contact the school office for dates and times. We have a virtual tour of the school which you can see here.

School Admission Appeals

Please see here for the school appeals process.

‘In Year’ Admissions

Any parent/carer can apply for a place for their child(ren)at any time, to any school, outside the normal admissions round. Applications should also be made via the Cheshire East Admissions link above.

To see a copy of our admissions policies please click on the files shown below.

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