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  Pear Tree Newt new 2
    Pear Tree Newt new 2
27th April 2017












As the morning runs are now taking off and the numbers joining us at 8.30 each morning are growing. We are delighted to announce a special end of year event, ‘Pear Tree Pounds/£s the Park’ is now in the planning stages! Wednesday July 19th is now booked at The Barony Park for our first ‘Pear Tree Pounds/£s the Park’. This is a family event for the whole school. We have the Barony Park booked out to the school for the evening and hope to have a 1.25km toddle/walk course that would be one lap. A 2.5km running/walking track and a more serious 5k circuit for our many running children and parents. This promises to be a great evening celebrating health, wellbeing and fun, but ensuring everyone is included at whatever level they wish. With all our new families being invited to join in too! We want to raise funds which we would like to put toward school projects in 2017/2018 and donate to a local charity as part of our work with our community. We hope this will encourage everyone to get involved in the ‘Pound/£ the Park’ event. We need to form a working party to help organise and ‘man’ (or woman) the event as well as needing those who have printing and design skills, marketing and sponsorship ideas and those who feel they can help drum up support with families. We would like to gain sponsorship for t-shirts, medals, publicity and donations of items to give out to participants on the night. So if you work for a large local company – for example Barclays or Bentley or if you know just the right company who would like to be associated with such a positive family event please get in touch. Keith Hancock Race Director for the UK Triathlon Race Series and long-time supporter of Pear Tree has kindly agreed to advise and help to ensure the event meets all the necessary requirements to go well too and Cheshire East Council are also keen to support the school in its plans.

If you feel you could get involved in our working party please email us directly or see Mrs Newman or Mrs E otherwise please look out for more details, book the date and come along and support.




SAT tests

It is that time of year again and our Yr. 6, Yr. 1 and Yr. 2 pupils now face the statuary government assessments. The Year 6 SATs start on Monday May 8th to Thursday May 11th. The Key Stage One assessments for Yr. 2 will be in the second half of May and the Yr. 1 phonics assessment will be undertaken in the week beginning June 12th. We try at all times to keep such events as low key and ‘normal’ as is possible whilst ensuring we give every child the opportunity to achieve at their own personal best. We ask that parents ensure their children are in school for these very important dates and any holidays are not planned during these times for the children and ideally in the run up to them in Yr. 6, Yr. 2 and Yr. 1.




Skipping Workshop

On Wednesday May 24th we are having a whole day of skipping at school! Skipping is great fun as well as being fabulous exercise. The experts from ‘Skipping Workshop’ will be in school all day teaching the children and staff how to skip and show them skipping games and tricks and generally giving each class an opportunity to learn a new skill. We shall be holding a parent’s and whole school assembly on that day at 2.45 when the children get an opportunity to show you their individual and long rope skills. This event is being funded through our Government Sports Grant and so is of no cost to parents. Ropes for children and adults will be on sale at the end of the assembly and at the end of the school day.

Sainsbury’s Sports Vouchers

These will be issued until the end of April. We have a super total so far but if you have any more lurking in the bottom of a bag please send them in, they all count however crumpled!



If your child needs to have prescribed medication during the school day we work to help parents where we can so that you don’t have to return to administer it but you must complete a permission form which is available from the school office. We cannot give medicines that arrive without a form. A copy of the form is also on the school website:

Please also remember the 48 hour rule after sickness.

Head Lice

They are back! Please can we ask if you can check your child’s hair and have a ‘nit busting’ weekend so we can ensure school is nit-free on Tuesday.


Fund Raising

Daisy Williamson in Year 4 is currently raising funds for local homeless charities and will be on the school playground with her mum after school week commencing 8th May doing a ‘Guess how many sweets in the jar’ competition. If you would like to take a guess look out for her.


Put a Name on it!

As the weather improves so does the mountain of unnamed sweatshirts! Please over the bank holiday weekend can you ensure all jumpers and PE kit are named and that if by accident you find you have another child’s clothes they are returned. Many thanks for your co-operation with over 220 children now the hunt for jumpers can take up a lot of time!

September 2017 placesif you have a child due to start school in September please accept your place!





Pear Tree Sports and Games

We have a busy half term of sports please keep your eyes peeled on the next Newtletter to find out more!

Dates for your Diary

Weds 17th May – Photographer here for Class Groups and Leavers

Thurs 18th May – Red and Violet class to Milldale

Fri 19th May – Indigo class to York

Weds 24th May – Skipping Workshop and assembly at 2:45pm for parents

Fri 26th May – Green last swim and Gala Training

Fri 26th May – Break up for half term

Fri 9th June – Yellow class swimming/Swimming Gala training

Mon 12th June – Violet class bikeability

Tues 13th June – Swimming Gala

Weds 14th June – Year 6 Move Up Day to Brine Leas

Mon 19th & 21st June – Town Sports (details for follow)

Tues 20th June – Orange class to Chester Zoo

Weds 28th June – Red Orange Yellow Summer Performance 2pm and 6pm

Fri 30th June – Sports Day KS1 9:30am KS2 1:30pm

Mon 3rd July – Reserve Sports Day

Thurs 6th July – Green Blue Indigo Violet Summer Performance 2pm and 7pm

Fri 7th July – Orange class swimming

Tues 11th & Weds 12th July – Year 6 PC17 (details will follow)

Tues 11th July – Move Up Morning. Children with spend the morning in their new classroom

Thurs 13th July –PTA Disco KS1 5.30-6.30 and KS2 6.45-7.45pm

Fri 21st July 10am – Leaver’s Assembly parents welcome.

Fri 21st July – Break up.


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