Newtletter 10th December 2020

Good People Live Here!

Our Board of Brilliance

The last Newtletter contained a request to help with funds for ice cream…it has grown into a wave of kindness that means our children have a week of parties, panto, ice cream, treats and fun planned and yes Blue class you can have your music player with flashing lights!!! The list below is just some of the big thanks we owe and heartfelt apologies if we have missed anyone – just tell us and we will correct it but we have had a huge wave of kindness that has completely lifted spirits and helped us to keep powering on.

So thanks to:

The collective power of the parents of:








Some of you asked not to be mentioned but we know who you are!!! Thanks to those who organised collections and those who donated on a personal level, but did not want a name check. Thank you to those who have worked together to craft and make Christmas reindeer food to raise money for school – you have blown us away with your brilliance!

Also company sponsorship from:

Surefire Media

Industrial Mineral Services

Atlanta Group Insurance

Warmcoat UK

Utterly amazing!

Extra Care Please

As we begin the last two weeks before Christmas I ask you to be more vigilant than ever over illness. If you feel your child is unwell then please don’t send them into school. If an extra day is needed just to be sure take it. Whilst we absolutely want to keep attendance figures high and for the vast majority this is the case, we also want to reduce risks.

Well children should be in school; truly poorly children need to be at home.

We have said throughout this time that we cannot control what families do beyond the school gate but please support us for this last week, keep really safe over the weekend so that hopefully we keep the bugs out of school.

Test and Trace Duty - Saturday December 19th to Thursday December 24th.

We are required to cover all positive cases and test and trace notifications linked to the school up to and including Christmas Eve. That duty will fall to Mrs Hadfield and myself. All other staff emails will be shut down at 4.00p.m. on Friday December 18th and will not necessarily monitored again until Tuesday January 5th. If you need to urgently contact school regarding a positive COVID case or a notification via test and trace then please email myself: in the first instance. If you have had no response within normal working hours then please then contact Mrs Hadfield on: after 6.00p.m. on Christmas Eve our emails will also be shut down until Monday January 4th.

INSET Date change

Our autumn term finishes at normal time next Friday, December 18th.

Following on from yesterday’s email just a quick reminder that Monday January 4th will now be an INSET day for all staff and school will reopen on Tuesday January 5th at normal time.

This replaces the INSET day originally planned for Monday February 22nd so school will reopen after the February break on the Monday now NOT the Tuesday.

Father Christmas

I just wanted to update all families on our current correspondence with the big man. Despite being down a few elves, as they have been seconded to the help the National Elf service or have only just returned from Furlough, many head teachers in the area have been asked is to help finalise lists. I have of course agreed to assist in this task.

I have had confirmation of a pre visit check in with myself to ensure all children are on the ‘list’.  I have been informed that he is currently beginning a period of 14-day self-isolation running up to the 25th to ensure he is germ free for the big night and he assures me that all plans are in a positive, advanced state. I have arranged a virtual meeting with him prior to the end of term to check any changes of address, new puppies in the house since his last visit, and to monitor progress on the great children list. Currently, I have 219 names on my list plus all older and younger siblings, parents, grandmas, granddads, teachers, aunties, uncles, cousins etc. so please don’t worry. He says he is feeling a little ‘Claus…trophobic’ but he now has the Pear Tree face mask I sent over to wear during deliveries. Final note he wants all parents to be aware that yes his beard is looking a little false – Mrs Claus and the clippers did not get on too well but please know that by the 25th he says all will be well.



And so we end...

As the term draws to a close all the Pear Tree team wish all our school community a very restful holiday. We wish you all a safe, carefree time. This year has been hard, we know we have more challenges ahead but we also know that our school family will support us.

We look forward to 2021 and all the new opportunities it will bring.


PTA news!
The drawings for our Christmas fundraiser with Rudolph cards were amazing. It was so lovely to open the boxes when the cards, mugs, teddies and other products were delivered - they looked fantastic. We hope you have been really happy with the items. This activity and fundraising project raised £200.
Thank you so much to everyone who signed up to the first PTA Santa Dash. You helped raise £500 which is absolutely fantastic.
We hope you have had lots of fun taking part.
We will be outside the Community Hall Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week at school pick up to hand out the medals. If you can’t make it or miss us we do have contact numbers or please email us
Thank you for all your support
Pear Tree PTA


Unwanted toys or games

If before or after the arrival of Father Christmas you have any unwanted toys or games, Pips and calm club will be happy to receive them. Please drop them at the main gate at drop off or collection. Thank you


Christmas Jumper Day Friday 11th December - RSPCA

Each year at Christmas time, we like to collect for a local charity. This year the RSPCA at Stapeley Grange are in need of our support. Please can you send in donations of old sheets, hand towels, newspaper, cat or dog food. Collection buckets will be on each gate on Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 11th December (none uniform). We know that Stapeley Grange will be truly grateful for our support during this difficult year.

Christmas Timetable of Events – Non uniform for parties

Friday 11th:     Indigo (Y5) class party

Monday:          Red class (Rec) party                                      Yellow Panto

Tuesday:          Blue (Y4) class party                                      Orange & Green Panto

Wednesday:    Violet (Y6) class party

                        Yellow (Y2) class party                                  Red & Indigo Panto

Thursday:        Green (Y3) class party                                    Violet & Blue Panto

                      *  Orange (Y1) class party - Change of day

Christmas lunch – turkey/quorn bap with roast potatoes and stuffing will be served on Thursday.

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